13 October 2012

Tracks of one Sexy Zone

In a way I am quite glad I could not go out and immediately pre-order Sexy Zone's album as I would probably have to cancel it. I am someone that likes to have music over other kinds of goodies and I would not have been happy with the track list with the regular version as it is different than the limited version.

If you look at the Pony Canyon web store they have the full track listing up for both versions (RE/LE) and while fifteen of the tracks are the same, though a bit of a different order, the final track on each version is a different song. On the LE you get Onegai, while on the RE you get Yuuki 100%. And since I have the version of Lady Diamond that has that song, not to mention the Nintama Rantaro CD that has their version on it, I have no desire to have this track on a CD I own for the third time. Especially not when I can have a new song instead. So it looks like I will have to save a little bit more so I can afford the LE.

RE Track List (Romanji) *

1. Kanzen My Way
2. Silver Moon
3. Lady Diamond
5. Rouge
7. Kimi to ... Milky Way
8. Sexy Zone
9. Don't Stop Sexy Boyz
10. Kimi wo Hanasanai, Kimi wo Hanarenai
11. We can be one
12. Teleportation
13. Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu
14. Suki Sugite
15. Kyou ga Arigato
16. Onegai (LE only)/ Yuuki 100% (RE only)

* LE is the same but Sexy Zone is the 1st track.

I am happy to see all the live only group songs (IF YOU WANNA DANCE, GAME and Suki Sugite) are on the album. As well as Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma getting their solos, Teleportation and Rouge.

Kimi wo Hanasanai, Kimi wo Hanarenai is a solo for Sato Shori from reports from the SUMMARY concerts they did. I think that will be interesting to listen to as it is not easy to hear his voice in the group songs as it gets covered up by harmonies a lot.

I do not think Matsushima So or Yo Marius have a solo song or will get one for the album. I think the Don't Stop Sexy Boyz will be for the Sexy Boyz sub-unit and will be in place of solos for them. (And yes, I do not like the title of that track at all.) Not a bad move as things are still very uncertain for when they are going to start having their voices change. Plus they do not have much experience so perhaps with the next album they will be given solos.

Other than that I just hope the album tracks are on par with their B-sides, which are easily some of their best songs, IMHO.

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