10 October 2012

AKS Master Post 005

All the announcements for NMB48's anniversary have been made so I figured it would be a good time to make one of these posts, especially as we do get a new team.

The New Team M
Before we get to the new team a quick look at the changes with Team M. And thankfully the changes are nothing as great as fans were speculating. They just announced the three KKS that will join the team to fill the empty spots left with the three recent graduations from the team. The KKS graduating are the remaining 1st gen KKS, Koyanagi Arisa and two of the 2nd gen KKS, Azuma Yuki and Yamamoto Hitomi

I hope that with things settled down for the group now they can figure out how to promote this group so it is not left in the shadow of Team N. I think Yagura Fuuko is getting set up to be the new Ace of the team as she has had pushes in the past and will be the center of the new sub-unit in the upcoming single. So I wish her the best of luck and hope that more Team M members find a way to get noticed.

I am really happy to see that there are no more 1st gen KKS now, especially with the new Team BII it would have seemed too sad if the last girl of that generation was not promoted to be on a team. It is interesting though that this means Team N is 1st gen only, Team M is 1st gen and 2nd gen and Team BII being 3rd gen girls. I wonder if next year they will do a team shuffle, as with AKB48 dropping their Team 4 I doubt the other groups will be creating any of their own.

Team BII
Moving on to more exciting news, the formation of Team BII. I think it surprises no one that Yabushita Shu and Kato Yuuka are on this team. Both girls have been in the senbatsu roster for both the last single and this upcoming one so management clearly want to push them. Especially Shu who gets more pushing than Uuka (can't believe this is her official nickname).

The full list of team members is; Akazawa Hono, Ishizuka Akari, Ijiri Anna, Ueda Mirei, Umehara Mako, Ota Yuri, Kato Yuuka, Kamieda Emika (captain), Kusaka Konomi, Kushiro Rina, Kurokawa Hazuki, Kono Saki, Kobayashi Rikako, Muro Kanako, Yabushita Shu and Yamauchi Tsubasa.

Probably the biggest surprise is that Yokoyama Yui was not placed on a team. I guess it may be because she is coming from the main group, AKB48 and that she may not be with the group for the long term. I guess we shall see about this in time.

There is some new news about the new single Kitagawa Kenji. First we have the short version of the PV, which looks like it will be a fun one. It also looks like they are making this single to be the opposite of AKB48's UZA with using a cuter sounding song and a bright and colorful PV.

Also we have a sub-unit for this single. It is actually a continuation of the last sub-unit, Namba Teppoutai Sono Ichi, as it is called Namba Teppoutai Sono Ni. Kotani Riho is no longer in the group, as she had her big break with becoming a co-AKB48 member, and the center position has been given to  Yagura Fuuko (Team M). The other members of the unit this time are; Kato Yuuka (Team BII), Kushiro Rina (Team BII), Matsuda Shiori (Team N), Yabushita Shu (Team BII), Yamagishi Natsumi (Team M), Yamamoto Hitomi (Team M) and Yogi Keira (Team M).

I rather like the idea of this group, one that has all the girls that the agency wants to give a push to so they can become popular. And having it be mostly Team M and Team BII is nice, especially as it is a much smaller group than the Akagumi and Shirogumi subunits so the girls in this group have a chance to get decent screen time. Also having the girls that do reach a point where they do not need the extra help, like with Ripopo getting the promotion of being a part of AKB48 as well as NMB48.

To speak a bit on the recent graduations with Team M, I think it really should not have been surprising. Shortly before Team M was created we had a few girls decide to leave so I think when something like a team formation looms it probably forces the girls to really look at their idol careers. With a new team it means more competition for the top spots in the group and makes it easier to get lost in the background of a group. 

For Fujita Runa I think she must have felt that with her injury continuing her idol work would have been difficult and it would be a good time for her to bow out with a change to the group coming. 

For Ota Riona I would not be surprised if she figured that she may be better following her dreams through a different course. She had previous experience in the entertainment industry before going NMB48 and I can understand if she felt frustrated that she was getting little promotion and that soon there would another sixteen  girls she would have to compete with, with one of them being an AKB48 members as well.

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