05 October 2012

NEWS, the group of non-word titles

It has been announced that NEWS will be doing the theme song for the late night drama that Kato Shigeaki will be in, Hana no Zubora-meshi. The title of the song is Pokoponpekorya and it is written by the same composer and lyricists as their previous single Chankapaana.

JE News Daily article (English)

I am happy that we are getting a new NEWS song with one of the dramas for this season. I knew between Masuda Takahisa and Shige both being in dramas one would have to give NEWS the chance to do the theme song.

With the group mentioning that they have plans for another single at the end of their tour I can only assume that this song will be the A-side for it. With it coming from the same team as Chankapaana it makes it even more likely to be the case. Hopefully we will get the solicitations for it soon.

As I find Chankapaana a fun song to listen to I have hopes that Pokoponpekorya will be the same. Though I do wonder how to shorten that mouthful of a non-word, perhaps Pokopon will do? And I hope the PV will be as fun.

I actually showed the PV for Chankapaana to my nieces the other day and they actually rather liked it. My younger niece even did the same kind of dancing around to it as the girl in the PV did. So I hope this can be another PV I can show them to see if they will become future J-pop fans as well.

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