11 October 2012

Ai no Beat, I no Money

I know I could have just added this to the Sexy Zone album news but I think this deserves its own post, plus I do not want to go back and edit that post again.

But it looks like in November Johnny's wants people to be broke as there is going to be another release on November 14th, this time a new single from Kis-My-Ft2.

Type A is one of the limited editions. It will have the title track in both versions it comes in, the Dance and Rock versions. The DVD it comes with will have the music video for the Dance version and the making of for it.

Type B is the same as Type A except it will have the music video for the Rock version of the title track, and the making of for that.

Type C is the regular edition. It comes with both versions of the title track as well as a B-side not on the other versions, Winter Lover. Winter Lover is said to be the sequel to the B-side on their last single, Summer Lover.

With a release in November I think it will be safe to assume that Kisumai will have their next early Spring and then will be ready for their second album in the summer, which will probably be when they do their next concert tour.

After following Hey! Say! JUMP and NEWS for so long it is actually rather nice to have a group that releases things regularly so these kinds of predictions can be made.

Of course I am not sure how I am going to afford to pre-order this. I still have not had enough money to pre-order the CDs I want that are coming out at the end of the month so having enough for that and this single with SZ's album seems like stretching things way too tight. But at least I am only aiming for REs so I may get them after the release date but I will not have to worry about being sold out. Unfortunately if NEWS announces their single for November as well I will probably end up S.O.L. Sometimes it is hard being a fan that insists on buying things.


Anonymous said...

wow i was waiting for the news of either NEWS or HSJ new single, as it's been a while for HSJ and NEWS member have mentioned/hinted toward new release. This single and SZ album came out of the left field. does this mean this single have no tie-in at all?

Thennary Nak said...

With them releasing a concert DVD in November I doubt we will get a HSJ single this year as then they will be busy with Johnny's World and have no time to promote a new single.

I'm also waiting for NEWS to announce when they will release their next single. But I think the drama it is tied to doesn't air until late in the month so I see it being likely a late-November/early-December release.

It does seem to have no tie-in that we know of. Though I would not be surprised if one is announced at some point. I would guess it would be a CM, but I guess we will see.