11 October 2012

I hope it's Nakaken that's the sexy zone.

To my complete shock it has been announced that Sexy Zone will be releasing their first album November 14th. And yes, it will be for this year.

The title of the album is one Sexy Zone and it will have the three A-sides of the singles they have released plus each version of the album will have fifteen tracks in total. Also the two store versions will have an external bonus of a Christmas card, one out of a set of six, one group and five individual member versions.

The regular edition will just have the usual trading card with it, though it seems that for the album they will at least put in an extra one so there will be two, with there being six cards in the full set, one of each members and a group one.

The limited edition will have a DVD that will feature an interview with the group about their 1st anniversary, as their debut single was released November 16th, 2011. Apparently it will be in Las Vegas (I remember hearing about them visiting NYC and Vegas not long ago so I guess they must have done it then). There will also be a 24 page photo book and special anniversary packaging.

There is a Lawson/HMV special edition as well which unfortunately only those with a Japanese address can get. It will have a DVD with footage from the jacket shooting as well as all the music videos for the singles on the album.

The last edition of the album is also for Japanese address holders only as it is a online shop edition that you have to purchase through Pony Canyon. It will just come with a 1st Anniversary Memorial Ticket Holder.

Pony Canyon OHP (Japanese)

Honestly I am still in shock about this news, since an album from a year since debut is really fast for a FIVB group. I will probably have more thoughts about it later once it sinks in a bit more. Right now I am just hoping that with fifteen new tracks Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma get solo songs.

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