04 October 2012

AKS Master Post 004

I made a post for the Johnny's that will be on the upcoming NTV program that will have various talents that are popular in their shows but there is an AKB48 member on the list as well, Akimoto Sayaka. The special will be airing on October 6th and runs for 3 1/2 hours.

NTV OHP (Japanese)

While I am not really an AKB48 fan I do like some of the girls, and my favorite among them is Akimoto Sayaka. So I am really happy that she will be in this program as it is one more person to look forward to watching.

In sadder news NMB48 will be losing another member and from Team M again. Fujita Runa has decided to graduate from the group because of hip and back pain. She had already reduced her work load to try heal but since it is still uncertain what will come of it she decided to quit.

Official blog announcement (Japanese)

It is always sad to see an idol have to quit because of medical reasons, though it seems to happen much more frequently with the female idols. I cannot help but wonder since much of it is back, hip of knee injury if it is because they have to perform in high heels that is the cause. Because these girls are usually still in their teens so these kinds of pains and injury do not seem normal. And high heels are bad to wear for just everyday use, I cannot imagine how much worse on the body they are when you are doing something like dancing that put more stress on the body naturally.

In any case Ruutan will be missed by me. I rather liked her though she did not get much screen time. But I did like she was one of the girls that had no problem standing up for herself on programs where they would tease her.

I guess this means instead of the seventeen open slots for girls that was before with Jo Eriko's graduation and the creation of Team BII there will now be eighteen. Or perhaps it should still be counted as seventeen as I am sure Yokoyama Yui will have one of those slots.

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