05 October 2012

Junior News Round-Up 001

Since there tends to be a lot of little snippets of news for the Juniors, Tokyo and Kansai, I decided to create a series of posts that will go over the ones I want to but do not think that are enough on their own to merit a separate post.

Playing some catch up now the Kansai Junior groups, Kin Kan and Naniwa Oji, have been given their own regional program to host. The program is called Maido! Johnny~ and airs weekly on BS Fuji. For their first episode they had Sexy Zone on as guests.


Also more information is out on Nakayama Yuma's single, Missing Piece. The second LE that comes with a DVD has the track listing out for it. It will have the performances from the fan meet and will be 27 minutes long according to the official listings for the single.

JE News Daily (English)

This makes me wonder if Johnny's is partly using this release to test to see if there is interest in the Kansai Juniors that were at that fan meeting, as that version of the single looks like a must have for Kansai Junior fans.


For some Tokyo Junior news, Hasegawa Jun has been added to the cast of the upcoming NTV drama, Piece, which can be seen on Johnny's net. One can only assume it will be a small part but still it means that all the members of the Junior group Four Tops are in a drama this season now.


And in sadder news it seems like two more Kansai Juniors have left the agency this year. The two are Senzaki Ryota and Okazaki Takumi. Their profiles have been taken off of TakiCHANnel and both were missing from the taping of Shounen Club in Osaka this month.

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