19 October 2012

Junior News Round-Up 002

Time to gather some bits of Junior news to share.

First off the rumors about a couple of the members of the Bakaleya6 transferring schools have been proven true. Both Matsumura Hokuto and Kyomoto Taiga are now current students at Horikoshi high school, the school known for having a flexible schedule for those in the entertainer track. Both reportedly had to go back a year so Taiga is in the same class as Tanaka Juri and Hokuto in the class with Sato Shori.

I think this transfer makes a lot of sense. Hokuto has been in dramas non-stop since Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou so going to a school that allows a good deal of schedule flexibility is perfect so he can keep up with that kind of work schedule. For Taiga the school he was attending is one that is strict about missing class, which is probably one of the reasons why he has not gotten as much work as some of the other members of Bakaleya6. So hopefully with the change in schools we will be seeing more of him, as Johnny's does like to push their lead singers in groups.

With Morimoto Shintaro starting high school next year I think it would be safe to say that he will be going to Horikoshi. Especially since his older brother is attending the school. So that would be four out of the six members of the group being eventual alumni of this school. And Shintaro could end up being classmates with Sexy Zone's Matsushima So, as they both turn(ed) 15 this year so they should be in the same grade. That is of course if Matsushima decides to go to Horikoshi of course, as it is an expensive school to go to.

Takada Sho will be in the movie, Sakura, futatabi no Kanako, that will star Japanese actress Hirosue Ryoko and SMAP member Inagaki Goro. Little is known about his part outside of the fact that he has one.

JE News Daily (English)

I am happy for him. Takada's biggest breaks seem to all be with acting so I personally would not mind if he becomes one of those Juniors that take an acting route instead of the usual idol route. Especially as he has never been in a Junior group yet.

Nakayama Yuma is scheduled to perform on Music Station next week.

Glad to see Yuma getting on MSte so quickly. This should hopefully mean he will be on the program at least twice, this once the week before the release and next week when the single is actually released. 

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Rana said...

add, in november, Takada Sho will have a stage with Smap's Kusanagi

he has been practised since end of septeamber

2012 seem a busy and good year with Sho