25 July 2013

Young and Beautiful! Sexy Zone

I think I am finally realizing that to follow Matsushima So and Yo Marius I am going to have to follow a bit of the group they belong to. So I have some more Sexy Zone news to share.

The group will be supporters for Women's Volleyball again this year and will have a new song for it, Young and Beautiful!. There is no word of a single being released for the song.

Sanspo article (Japanese only, 3rd page has song title)

I have two hopes for this song, one is that it is good first off and the second is that So and Marius get treated like they are a part of SZ and not just the leads for the Junior back dancers. I think the chances of the first hope being met is high as volleyball support songs tend to be songs I like. It is really the second hope that I feel has the greater chance of not being met post-Bad Boys.

If anything at least the group will have something new to perform on Shounen Club and will most likely get another single out before the end of the year. I can only assume that the lack of a single being mentioned means they may be going for another double A-side and we have to wait to learn what the other song/tie-in is.

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