30 July 2013

Kisumai's Kiseki covered

Playing some catch up with some things I missed while getting adjusted to my move. Figured I would start with the covers that have been revealed for Kis-My-Ft2's upcoming single, Kimi tono Kiseki.

From seeing the previews for the PV for the title track I know that the covers for the LEs and RE are from the set of that. I think when coming up with ways to make a cost efficient CD cover this is a great way to do it, as saving a trip to a photo studio by just using a PV set should save some money. And if anything Johnny's is cheap whenever they can be.

And even though the split is quite evident I do like that they at least look like they are in the same group a bit more with both KiFt and s-My-2 having white as a main color in both their outfits. And from the PV preview s-My-2 are not doing so bad when it comes to screen time compared to PVs like We never give up! and My Resistance ~Tashikanamono~. Which is impressive with all the Juniors the PV will have in it.

The Kisumai Shop version (which can only be purchased by those with a Japanese address) though is lazy photoshop at its worst. Seriously the thing is hideous and I can only hope that the goods that come with it will look much better than that mess.

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