24 July 2013

Sexy Zone's summer of concert releases

Between the already announced Johnny's World concert DVD/BD and this Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013 DVD/BD release SZ fans are going to have some light wallets by the end of summer. This DVD/BD will be released August 28th and will have a limited and regular edition with both being the same for each format.

The regular edition will just have footage from the May 6 concert at Yokohama Arena.

The limited edition will have the same concert but it will also have a second disc that will have footage from another concert at the venue as well as a documentary for the tour.It will also have a special photo book at a set of trading cards that will feature each member in a solo shot.

All the versions will come with a bonus poster as a first press bonus.

I have to admit as a Hey! Say! JUMP fan I am quite jealous of a release like this for SZ. If HSJ had their concert DVD releases like this I think it would have helped make up for the lack of CD releases a bit, especially if it meant having some footage of all the concerts they did that did not get DVD releases. Not to mention that with BD the whole region coding is not as much an issue as the regions are much larger and North America and Japan share the same one, so for me there would be no issues with having the right player to watch them.

Concerts are an important part of following Johnny's, as they are one of the big ways the groups set themselves apart with how theatrical they are. And they give group members that may not get a lot of attention in other activities a time to shine, so they are great for fans of those members. In fact if I had the money for it I might actually pick this up for Matsushima So and Marius Yo, as I am sure I would see more of them than what I have been able to see of them on Shounen Club.

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