07 July 2013

The kids grow up so fast.

Even though it has been noticeable that Matsushima So has been growing quite a bit recently watching the latest Shounen Club episode (July 3, 2013) makes it even more apparent.

He and Yo Marius had an MC segment that focused on them and when So spoke I had to do a double take. Now not only does he look older than Sato Shori but he sounds older with his deepening voice.

I had to go back and check out the SC episode that had Sexy Zone's debut performance to compare, and in about one and a half years he (and of course Marius) have really grown.

And overall I am just so happy to see the two younger members of SZ back on the program. I still believe the two have a lot of potential talent, and they are both so much more comfortable speaking and performing onstage than they were before. I do not think So stopped smiling once when he was dancing and I wish they performed something that let us hear what his voice sounds like now.

And I fail to see how Marius and So can be considered looking too young for the cooler image SZ's three elder members are getting. Mainly because Shori still looks like he could be thirteen with his baby face. And I am not saying I dislike Shori for this, I just think management is trying to put him in a style that does not suit him well at the moment.

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