28 July 2013

Piece Ep. 13 first impressions

And finally I have made it to the end of this drama. I really should have finished up months ago as I did enjoy it.

Once the recapping of the last episode is done we are given a flashback scene with  Nishida Remi (Arai Moe) and Origuchi Haruka (Mizuno Erina). Remi tells Haruka that she hates herself for everything and Haruka tells her that maybe it would be better to forget everything. Remi follows her advice and asks like Haruka's still a stranger to her. In the present day after confessing all of that she breaks into tears, feeling regret for pretending that Haruka meant nothing to her when she was actually a dependable friend in the hardest part of her life.

Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) then comforts her friend, finally knowing the painful things she went through without ever letting anyone know. After some time passes Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma) and Maruo (Sakuma Daisuke) show up at Narumi Hiro's (also played by Nakayama Yuma) place.

Hikaru gives his brother the letter from Origuchi to read, finally keeping his promise to her.

There is a flashback to when Hikaru visited Origuchi in the hospital before she died. Origuchi believed that the two bothers were actually closely connected which is why she thought she could trust Hikaru in giving the letter to Hiro.

In the letter Origuchi tells Hiro that she loves him and thanks him for having known him in her life.

In the morning everyone is still around. Mizuho and Remi talk about the guy who got Remi pregnant and Remi feels like she should find him so she can at least end things properly.

Maruo has come to peace over what happened with him and Hiro those years ago and goes so far to tell Hiro that it would be okay for him to visit him.

Hikaru talks to Yanai Takashi (Matsumura Hokuto) and seems to just want to rile the other guy up. He fails though as Yanai has reacted differently to learning the truth than what Hikaru was probably expecting. Mizuho then shows up and Yanai leaves the two to talk.

Mizuho confronts Hikaru about knowing about Origuchi but doing nothing and for waiting so long to give Hiro the letter. Hikaru just acts in his usual aloof manner. As Hikaru walks off Mizuho finally tells him that she does not regret the relationship they had and she is willing to accept him for who he is without getting into his past because she believes in him and the fact that she will see him again. She hugs him then they part to go their separate ways.

I think the only part of the end that I did not care so much about is Mizuho and Hikaru. Probably because Hikaru does not seem to have changed throughout everything. But I guess that is to be expected as it really was Mizuho's journey but Hikaru's future seems rather bleak as he still has no direction and has not really done anything to change himself. But who knows, perhaps it is Mizuho's change that will make him want to do the same now or something. And I am glad they did not end up together immediately for the "perfect" happy ending as again, I don't think Hikaru is at a place at the end that he could give Mizuho the kind of relationship she wants from him.

Overall though I enjoyed this drama and it renewed my faith in this drama block after the lackluster Sprout.

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