16 July 2013

Piece Ep. 12 first impressions

Watching this episode I have to wonder why I have taken so long in getting back to finish up reviewing this series. I guess perhaps it was an issue with the fact there was a bit of a wait time for the subs to come out and it would have been hopeless to try to review an episode like this without knowing what was all being said.

The episode begins with a part recap of the previous episode and part look at the relationship of Narumi Hiro (Nakayama Yuma) and Origuchi Haruka (Mizuno Erina). Without a doubt there was something between them despite both being rather quiet in nature.

When it returns to the present Hiro and Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) are talking in a cafe about Origuchi. Hiro tells her that he has not been in touch with Origuchi for some time and mentions that he has hopes in seeing her again someday. Mizuho then has to break the news to him that Origuchi passed away. Hiro does not take it well and runs off with Mizuho following him.

At the place Hiro is staying at Mizuho gets him to talk more and he confesses on being the one to have almost killed Maruo. He also tells her that was the reason Origuchi rejected him. He then takes his paintings, including a portrait of Origuchi, and set them on fire. Mizuho though saves the one of Origuchi and tells him that he shouldn't erase the little that is left of her so easily.

Some time afterwards Yanai Takashi (Matsumura Hokuto) and Nishida Remi (Arai Moe) show up. Yanai confronts Hiro about getting Origuchi pregnant but Mizuho cuts in telling him that was a mistake, it was her friend that had gotten pregnant.

Remi then speaks up and explains that the friend that Origuchi was helping was her. She confesses everything then about her relationship with Origuchi, as she was the one that helped her and was there for her during the most painful period of her life.

So with this the main mysteries are solved and I feel rather satisfied with them. Certainly they are heartbreaking but they make a lot of sense for the characters so it did not seem to come out of left field. That and this series focuses on discovering hidden truths about others as one of its themes so it fits very well with that.

And I remain impressed with Yuma, as even though I do not care for him to play both Hikaru and Hiro it does give him the chance to show off his acting skills as he makes it difficult to confuse which character he is playing with both roles having very distinctive feels to them.

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Saori said...

this episode definitely cleared up so much, because i couldn't find any sense nor logic in the whole plot until this episode.

i thought it was a rather strange drama, yet, i couldn't stop watching it and was very intrigued by the plot. it was a bit random that nakayama played both characters, but i was so surprised when i realized he really did seem like two different persons when he was playing the different characters!