05 July 2013

Other Idols Master Post 009

From L to R: Kana, Aya and Li
Sadly I have to start out this post with the news of members leaving a group. Kana and Li from the indie idol group Love La Doll will be leaving the group to pursue a non-idol life. This will leave on Aya as the sole member of the group. The group's final live performances as a trio will be at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 on July 27th and 28th.

OHP Information page (Japanese)

In a little happier news for the group Aya has a role in an upcoming production. She with other idols will be part of the cast for Pirates of the Desert which will run from July 10 to July 15 and star Dream5's Hibi Mikoto for the July 10-12 performances.

AmiPro site (Japanese)

It is always sad to see a member leave a group, especially when it comes to smaller groups. And then add on the fact they are an indie group and it makes a fan feel anxious. Though the staff did say that they plan to continue on with Aya but I wonder if they will be adding new members in the future. It will seem strange to only have a group made out one member.

I wish the best for the group though as a fan. I am sad to see Kana and Li leave and wish them the best in whatever they plan to do for the rest of their lives.


Chiima said...

SAY WHAT? KANA AND LI ARE LEAVING? NO!!! WTF, WEEK, WHY DO YOU HATE ME ; A; First Sea*A, then Aina, now Kana and Li... Oh good lord, KILL ME NOW DX

I would not have known this news without you... thanks... ; A;

Thennary Nak said...

I feel like I am still partly in denial about Kana and Li leaving. Otherwise I doubt I would be so calm about it.

You're welcome, though I wish I could have brought much better news to you.