10 July 2013

Johnny's World for you!

When they announced the Tokyo Dome concerts for Johnny's World I figured that if they were to release something Johnny's World related it would be for those concerts. So I am not surprised that is what we are getting. Instead I am more surprised that this is a true DVD/BD release with both versions being exactly the same with the content and there is no special DVD version with extra content. But this is most likely because it is Pony Canyon releasing this and they have been pretty good about that.

For the contents of the release all that is listed is that it will be 163 minutes long. The first press bonus for it is a poster of the cover. It will be released on August 14.

I definitely want this, especially since it has a BD version. And it would be nice to see what this was for myself, as the bits that were shown on the morning shows of the concert interested me. Plus it is always great to see something that features more than one Johnny's group and I want to see the Hey! Say! JUMP, A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone interactions.

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