29 January 2013

Other Idols Master Post 005

Great news for Love La Doll fans, the group will be releasing their debut album next month of February 6th. The title of the album is lovedes, and unfortunately there seems to be no more information out about it. It is up for pre-order on CDJapan though.

lovedes / Love La Doll
Love La Doll

I can only assume that this is being timed for the group's first oneman concert later in February. It makes sense as you do need about an album's worth of songs to be able to do a full solo concert unless you do a lot of covers.

They also did a massive overhaul of their OHP so not only does it look much nicer but it has more information that is easier to find.


While they are not idols anymore this is still probably the best post to talk about Plan-B the band of the three remaining members of ex-Johnny's Junior group FiVE. The group has been doing well post-Johnny's with regular lives and tours.

Earlier in the month they released their first single and album. The single actually made it into the top 30 of the Oricon chart, which is a great feat for an indies band.


It is nice to see the band doing well as sadly they lucked out and ended up being part of this Johnny's era that just does not seem to care for band groups anymore. So it is not surprising that the members of Question? have been leaving the agency, but hopefully with the success that Plan-B has been having perhaps there is still hope that maybe members of that group may eventually create their own band as well.

For now though I just hope Plan-B gets signed to a major label, I think they would do well. And I doubt that Johnny's will bother to interfere as bands really do not clash much with their groups now anyway.

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