08 January 2013

Kai Sera Sera ~

I had expected that the theme song for Shinryochuu -in the Room-, the upcoming NTV midnight drama, would be done by SMAP with one of the members of the group in the starring road and all. Apparently someone thought it would be better to randomly have Yamashita Tomohisa do the theme song instead as it has been announced that the drama will be using a new song from him, Kai Sera Sera, for it.

JE News Daily (English)

It seems really strange for Yamapi to be doing the theme song for this drama when he is not in it at all as far as we know. At least with Kis-My-Ft2 doing the theme song for Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou they had one of their group members in the show, even though the role was small. In fact going from that it would have made more sense for Kisumai to have the theme song for in the Room with Senga Kento being in the drama.

I guess there are somethings about Johnny's I will never understand. 

I do think the title of the song is a bit interesting though. with the 'sera sera' part it immediately had me think of the English song, Que Sera Sera. I wonder if there will be a connection with the two songs because if there is I think it might at least be a fitting song for the drama as it is about letting worries go and from what we know of the drama the students coming to Inagaki Goro's character are full of worry over different matters in their lives.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's strange or hard to understand. Yamapi's in Michi's side, along with SMAP and Kisumai (there're rumors she's managing juniors, and she was behind Bakayela's production and the late-night dramas after that), so it just means she wants to promote all her acts in the same drama. It's time for Yamapi to release new single, Kisumai already sang the theme song for Tamamori's drama and SMAP barely sing theme songs for their dramas these days.

Thennary Nak said...

I was not thinking so much about the factions, but taking that into consideration it makes some sense.

Still I would prefer to have the theme done by someone in the actual drama. But who knows, maybe Yamapi will make a quick cameo or something at some point.