03 January 2013

Senga & Juniors - in the Room

We finally have some names for which Juniors will be in the upcoming NTV midnight drama that will be starring Inagaki Goro. And it looks like one member of Kis-My-Ft2 with Senga Kento being listed in the cast with the Juniors.

The Juniors that will be in the drama, that are confirmed so far at least, are Takada Sho, both members of noon boyz, Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki, and Tanaka Juri.

TV Pia tweet (Japanese)

Not surprised that we have at least one member of Bakaleya6 in the cast and with this season being the season for school tests Morimoto Shintaro would not be available to do a drama, Jesse is cast in another drama so it was a toss up with the other four.

Takada had been announced before hand, I was hoping to either get more Junior news or more of the cast before posting about it. I am glad to see him in another drama as he has had a spotty record with being promoting, starting of course with him co-starring in Battery with Nakayama Yuma back in 2007.

And I cannot feel too surprised about noon boyz being in this. Johnny's has been getting them drama roles in the recent past so no surprise they have them in the same drama, especially this NTV midnight one that seems to be becoming the Junior drama slot.

The biggest surprise is actually comes with Senga being in the cast. It is a pleasant surprise as I have guessed that management wants to begin pushing him and Miyata Toshiya a bit more so getting drama roles, even small parts would be a part of that. I guess it should not be too surprising though, seeing that Miyata has been in one of these dramas before. And it nice to think these dramas will always have the chance of having the odd Kisumai or Hey! Say! JUMP member in them as I like both groups.

Without saying I am looking forward to this drama, especially since we now know who will be in the main cast.

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