20 January 2013

Updates & things to come

I have been meaning to make a post like this and figured I should go ahead and do so.

I decided to go back to school and started earlier this month, which is a part of why I have not been posting as much on the blog. I think it may not be so noticeable with all the reviews I am doing but I am sure for those who prefer my non-review entries it is. I am still figuring out how to balance my schedule out but I am working on it and hope to be more active with other kinds of posts on the blog soonish.

I did finally get around to updating the Bakaleya6 profiles. So they all have the more recent information about the guys in them, which I am sure fans will find helpful.

I have given up with trying to do reviews without subtitles for Piece. It just got to the point that I was just missing way too much with what was being said to follow along well enough to try to help others figure out what was going on. Thankfully the entire series is done being subbed so I will finish off the last two episodes soon with my thoughts.

This drama season though I will not try to follow anything. The news NTV midnight drama, Shinryochu -in the room-, looks to be a dialogue heavy one so I would need to have subtitles to understand myself. And with the cast for it being what it is subtitles coming out in a timely manner should be no issue. Instead I want to focus on all the dramas that I have sitting on my computer waiting for me to watch/finish. So expect more reviews in my more common format of first episode, midway point then final.

For my Shounen Club reviews I am powering through this current season I am on. I do plan on dropping down to two a week again afterwards. I just want to catch up so I can review the new episodes when they come out but its just going to take time. I doubt I will move up to three a week again unless there is a recap episode.

Once I am back down to two SC episodes a week I will start reviewing Kis-My-Busaiku?! which will take over the Monday review slot. I am hoping doing one a week will mean I will be able to time it so the upcoming episodes will end up getting reviewed without a break between them.

But overall this month and the next are bound to be review heavy. I personally see it as a way to help figure out what to write about in non-review/news posts. I know there are several ideas I have for posts coming from my SC watchings, but will be best to be done after I have caught up. And there are sure to be more that come as I continue to go through them all.

Also just want to thank everyone for reading. It makes me happy to see people either leaving a comment or at least ticking one of the boxes at the bottom of the posts. It is always great to receive some feed back so I can know how I am doing.

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