13 January 2013

The Shounen Club 21 August 2005 review

As mentioned in the last review July 2005 only had one episode air because of Uchi Hiroki's scandal. I can only imagine how relieved Johnny's must have been that the August episode of Shounen Club was scheduled to be a recap episode anyway like in previous seasons. But this episode is not without signs of damage control for the scandal as the few NEWS clips we get are edited so we see nothing of Uchi and there are no Kanjani8 clips to speak of.

For some reason someone thought it would be a great idea to have Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa be the hosts of this episode and to have them do so in the middle of the park. While this is a recap episode it is given a theme and that is Our Summer.

During one of the talk segments between the hosts they pull out a board that shows who has produced an episode so far. This pretty much confirms that officially July only has the one episode as only Koyama Keiichiro is listed as the producer for that month.

The first new VTR footage we get is of KAT-TUN where they talk about the summer and bring up an upcoming concert for the group.

We get a change in scenery as Jin and Yamapi move to another part of the park to do some postcard/letter reading for requests.

Ya-Ya-Yah get to have a VTR segment that is mainly showing clips from their SUMMARY concerts, and we get to see a bit from J.J.Express as well.

The final random location we get for out hosts is a fishing pool. I am not sure if you would want to catch a fish from water that looks like that, but I guess when you live in the city you do not have much choice if you want to fish.

One of the VTRs we get is of NEWS, now as a seven member group. They have each member say something about the summer to go in line with all the other VTRs they have had so far and of course to go with the episode theme. It is odd to see the colors used here as only Yamapi and Tegoshi Yuya have the colors that will later become their fixed group colors later on.

We get to see some clips from NEWS' SUMMARY concerts, which of course include the usual Johnny's standbys, like flying.

Takizawa Hideaki has a VTR segment, partly to promote his latest period drama he is in and partly to do what he does best, troll the Juniors he likes. This time he completely ignores Jin in his message to the hosts of the episode even though a staff member tells him several times that Jin is hosting with Yamapi.

There really is nothing to say about a recap clip of Wonderful World which ends this episode.

I guess it is not bad as a recap episode with the fact that we did get a fair share of new footage to go with the old. But there was no point in watching the old clips if you had seen them before and I hardly find Jin and Yamapi engaging hosts. In fact most of the time it was just watching them talk to each other hardly ever addressing the viewing audience. So unless you are a fan of either one I fail to see anyone being all that entertained by them.

The SUMMARY clips were the highlight for me, as these concerts never were released on DVD so these are probably the only way to see what they were like.

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