24 January 2013

Sayonara Tegomass, or not

Tegomass will be releasing a new single on March 6th. It is titled Sayonara ni Sayonara and will be an R&B song. It will come in two versions.

The limited version will have the title track, the karaoke track version of the title track and a DVD that will have the PV and making of for it.

The regular edition has the title track two B-sides not on the LE and a Tego karaoke and Massu karaoke version of the title track. I can only assume those karaoke versions will have only one of them doing their parts so I guess if you want to sing with one of them for karaoke you can.

I am of two minds for this release. I do like Tegomass but I am first off a NEWS fan and of course would rather see something from them. But as long as the huge gaps in releases do not happen for NEWS in favor of Tegomass' activities I will be fine.

In a way I cannot help but think that maybe this is a bit of a way to test the sales potential of Tegomass compared to NEWS after everything. I think it will be interesting to see how this single does sales wise, especially as it will only have two versions.

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