06 August 2012

Upcoming releases

A couple of upcoming releases I figure I would mention.

First up is the next Kanjani8 single for this year, Aoppana. The single will be released on September 5th and will only have two versions, a limited edition and a regular edition.

The limited edition comes with the standard DVD with the PV and making of clip on it. The CD of this version will have the title track as well as a B-side.

Aoppana [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / KANJANI8

The regular edition is just a CD but will come with two extra B-sides that the LE does not as well as the karaoke tracks of the songs.

Aoppana [Regular Edition] / KANJANI8

Then ZONE are releasing a concert DVD of their live at Tokyo Zepp Diver City on June 16th. The release will not only be on DVD but also BD, though the format is the only difference between the two when it comes to what will be on them. And this release is scheduled for October 10th.

Zone Tour "Futari ni Narimashitakedo. . . Nanika?" (Title subject to change) / ZONE

Zone Tour "Futari ni Narimashitakedo. . . Nanika?" (Title subject to change) [Blu-ray] / ZONE

Also A.B.C-Z will be releasing a new DVD single. This time for their song Zutto Love. It is not up for pre-order at CDJapan yet but Johnny's net has the listing for it with the full track listing as well as the covers. The DVD will come out on September 12th so I am sure pre-orders will open for it soon.

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