28 August 2012

Blogging Blog Plans

Just want to let people know what to expect of the blog in the near future as I continue to make changes to figure out what works best.

Biggest change is with the non-Johnny's idols that I follow. I really like the AKS Master Post idea and will be keeping with that. I will also use it for the other non-Johnny's idols I follow, either by a master post with the group's name or under a general girl group master post title if there is not enough news for an individual group. I think this will work well for both myself and readers. I really do not follow any group as closely as Johnny's so it is easier for me to do a news round-up post for other groups instead of individual posts. And it should also help Johnny's fans who are not interested in non-Johnny's idols as they only have to look at the title of the posts to know to skip them.

I do have a project I will be launching this week to celebrate the Bakaleya6 getting their first headlining concerts on September 8th and 9th. I plan on doing individual profile pieces for each of the six members as I know there really is not a good place out there to get all that kind of information in one place. It will just have some of the most basic profile information then a short summary of their activities with Johnny's. The first one will go up tomorrow.

Of course you can just expect Bakaleya6 getting quite a bit of attention from me as they are the only Junior group that each member is a member that I liked from before. So in my eyes they are a Junior super group.

Since I do want to get to the newer episodes of SC I will probably continue with the usual twice a week pace. If there is another recap episode with most of it being footage already in previous episodes I will probably do two reviews that day. So no major changes there.

I will start doing PV reviews again, but most likely only once or twice a month and mainly just to have something to post on slow news days. I know this blog has gotten review heavy in the past few months but once I am done with these it will go to just reviewing PVs as they come out for releases. And I am working on other content to use to try to balance it out, which the Bakaleya6 profiles are a part of.

Also I do plan on doing another question month for November. I will make the post for it at the end of October like I did last year. I enjoyed doing it then and I hope this year will prove to be just as enjoyable.

And I will probably be doing an update to my History of Johnny's posts. I know I need to give A.B.C-Z their own page now that their debut is not longer in question. That page will be the first of the updates. For the rest I will announce when I have updated the page on my Twitter.

And that are the plans I have committed myself to for now. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have for any of it on this post.

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