22 August 2012

Jesse Lewis takes on The Quiz

Some exciting news has just come out, Junior Lewis Jesse will be starring in an upcoming drama SP that will air on NTV on September 1st. The title of the drama is The Quiz and it is based off a horror mystery novel where the top ten players have to face each other in a qualification round that for every answer someone dies. Two other Juniors will also be in the drama, Hagiya Keigo and Iwamoto Hikaru.

Cinema Today article (Japanese)

This is great news for Jesse as it looks like Johnny's plans on pushing him now between this and his role in Sprout. Also the movie posters for the Bakaleya movie have him up with Morimoto Shintaro and Matsumura Hokuto so there is further proof that they are set to make sure people know him like they know the other two.

Of course this is just a special so it will be a one time thing and it airs after midnight, but I think it is a first step before moving Jesse to bigger projects like the other two Bakaleya6 members have done.

Plus as Jesse is set to be one of the lead vocals of the group it makes sense for him to get pushed as Johnny's tries to have the members in the lead vocals positions also be the most popular. Of course I would expect Kyomoto Taiga to begin getting more work and a stronger push then as well as he is the other lead vocalist but we shall see what Johnny's has in store for this grouping.

And it is nice to see Hagiya and Iwamoto get drama roles. Iwamoto also has the Bakaleya movie but for Hagiya this will be his first time in a drama so it will be interesting to see how he does.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear this news.

Lewis is good at acting so much. Love and support him :)

Thank you for News

Thennary Nak said...

Not a problem, glad to share the news.