24 August 2012

Nika and Yokoo remain Galactic Heroes

Nikaido Takashi and Yokoo Wataru will be the leads in the next installment of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes play that they had parts in the most recent show. For this play though they will be starring in their roles instead of being a part of the supporting cast.

The play will run for seven shows from November 15th to the 18th. The title of this installment will be Kagayaku Hoshi Yami wo Saite.

OHP of the plays. (Japanese)

Also the show they were in Gekitsuioh will be getting a DVD release. It will be released on November 2nd and is up for pre-order.

I am pretty happy to see these members get something. Sure it is not as high profile as something that would air of TV but it gives them work and a chance to practice acting skills at least. Hopefully these roles will help them out in the long run in finding their niche for the group.

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