05 August 2012

More Kansai Junior changes

A couple of updates for the Kansai Juniors that have recently come out.

First is that from a scan of the pamphlet from Shounentachi in Osaka it does indeed look like Takemoto Shinpei and Shingaki Yuto have left the agency as their names are no where to be found. The group fans were speculating that they could have been moved to only has one member, Senzaki Ryota, which of course now leaves people wondering what that is about.

Kansai Junior LJ community post. (English)

And so it is confirmed that 7WEST has gone from seven to six and now four members for the group.

Over on Johnny's net, as well as J-Web, the Kansai Juniors have their own section instead of being lumped in with the other Juniors.

What this could mean is beyond me at the moment. In a way it is nice as it makes following them a bit easier as you do not have to weed them out of the other Junior activities and such. But on the other hand it does seem like they are being put in their own little corner which could make them easier to avoid.

I still have hope for the Kansai Juniors though. Kanjani8 is currently one of the best selling groups in Johnny's so Johnny's should know that there is a chance they could strike gold again with Kansai Juniors. But as a fan I cannot help but worry about them with how many of the more well known Kanjuu are leaving. I only hope that I am right and that we will be getting a Kanjuu debut next, and most likely for next year after Kanjani8's anniversary celebrations have ended so not to have one or the other overshadow each other.

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