29 August 2012

Bakaleya6 profiles: Kouchi Yuugo

Meant to get this up earlier in the day but a situation arose that prevented that. But as promised the first of this series is going up today, and since I decided to do this by age the first of the Bakaleya6 up is Kochi Yugo.

Kochi Yugo (高地優吾)
Birthdate: 1994.03.08
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood type: A
Admired sempai: Kamenashi Kazuya and Aiba Misaki
Previous groups: B.I.Shadow, NYC boys
Dramas: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (2012)
Movies: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (2012)

From the June 16, 2009 Shounen Club episode

Yugo is the eldest of the Bakaleya6 members and the only one attending university so far.

He joined the agency back in 2009 through a contest that ran on the Hey! Say! JUMP variety program School Kakumei. He won the contest and not only got to join the cast of the show but also the Johnny’s agency.

Only a month after joining he was placed in the Junior group B.I.Shadow just in time for the release of the Nakayama Yuma w/B.I.Shadow and NYC boys CD release. After the release NYC went on without the boys (B.I.Shadow) but the group remained as an active Junior group.

In September 2011 the new FIVB (Fifa International Volleyball) unit was announced with two of B.I.Shadow’s members, Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma, being a part of that unit meaning that B.I.Shadow was dissolved.

During that time Yugo was mostly absent from work because of a fractured collar bone, causing fans to worry about him. But before the end of 2011 he was back onstage performing on Shounen Club.

In February 2012 it was announced he would be a part of the cast of the late night NTV drama series Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. The drama was a hit and will had a movie released in October 2012 and will be released on DVD/BD in April, 2012.

The six Bakaleya Johnny’s Juniors (Bakaleya6) headlined their own SUMMARY concerts at Tokyo Dome City Hall on September 8th and 9th for a total of three concerts. Yuugo was absent for the concert on the 8th because of filming for School Kakumei.

On December 15th, 2012 Bakaleya6 with noonboyz and other Johnny's Juniors held concerts at Yokohama Arena.

He participated in the Live House Johnny's Ginza concerts that took place at Theater Crea from April 28 to June 2, 2013.

He can be seen performing on Shounen Club together with other Juniors monthly.

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