14 June 2011

Yamada and Chinen lend their voices to those even smaller than them.

First off, sorry for being a bit MIA over the past couple of months. I ended up getting really bogged down by class work, especially since it was my final quarter. I've graduated now so I'll be trying to get everything back on track again now that I have the free time. So expect some catch up posts for recent news and I will be getting back to the recent comments in the next couple of days.

Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri will be voice actors for the Japanese language version of the upcoming Smurfs movie that will run in Japanese theaters starting from September 9th. This will be Yamada's first time voice acting while Chinen has done voice acting for an anime movie before.

Nikkan Sports article. (Japanese)

You can put me down for one of the people who think there is a good chance we may get a new NYC single from this. Seeing as their tie-in so far has been an anime series for young children a family friendly movie like this would be a good fit with the young image NYC has. But if that's so the single will be released about the same time as the movie in Japan which should be early September so it'll be a while before we'll get an announcement if it will be the case.

I kinda hope it will be the case if just because it will increase the likelihood of being able to get another Hey! Say! JUMP single before the end of the year, which I'm really hoping for.


Nana22 said...

OMGG, I´m so looking forward to the movie !!!
Not to the movie itself but just to hear Chinen´s and Yamada´s voices XD
A new NYC single would be nice as well :D

Jackie said...

Oh it sounds really cute !
I´m sure both will do a good job.

So the movie is set to release in early September? SUMMARY also ends September 11 and Playzone will be already over too, so this would be in fact a perfect time for a new NYC single.
And as you say, Smurfs would fit in NYC´s image.
But somehow I always feel kind of sorry for those boys, who have to sing only those songs for children.
They are all no children anymore and I wonder if there´ll be a time where they will stop singing childish songs.

If Yamada and Chinen have a NYC single in September, then we can hope for a HSJ single in December or so.

Anonymous said...

As expected, it´s Yamada and Chinen again who get new jobs. >_>
But luckily Hikaru is playing in a drama which is a great thing.
Instead of a NYc single, I hope for a next JUMP single until the end of the year!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Nana22

It will be interesting to hear them in these roles and see if they try to change their voices to match the characters.

@ Jackie

I agree it must be a bit frustrating for the boys to still be singing such cutesy songs at their ages. But until there's another younger group I think NYC is stuck having to sing these types of songs.

I hope that will be the release schedule for the year. I really want another album before HSJ's 5 year anniversary.

@ Anonymous

I'm just glad they're getting work as it always seems to increase their chances to release something. Though honestly more excited about Hikaru's new drama role as I really want to see more of BEST getting work as with them if there is a release attached to it it will be HSJ not NYC like it always could be for Yamada and Chinen.

As long as there's another HSJ single before the end of the year I'm okay with another NYC single personally.