01 June 2011

Hey! Say! JUMP's new single gets a new edition

I woke up to find some exciting news in my e-mail box in that Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming single, Over, will have another LE version. This version will have Born on the Earth as a song track on the CD and come with a DVD with a video clip for Ai-ing -Aishiteru-. Much of that excitement died though when I went to add this to my already existing pre-order and found that it was listed as sold out at CDJapan.

I figure I'm stuck having to either wait for CDJapan to open pre-orders for it again, which I'm hoping they will seeing as the original LE version of the single is still open for pre-orders, or having to hope that the Kinokuniya nearby will have it in stock when it comes out. Though I think I may just ask next time I'm in about saving a copy for me so I can ensure myself a copy.

For those who want to see if CDJapan opens up pre-orders again for it here's the link for it.

Over [w/ DVD, Limited Edition 2] / Hey! Say! JUMP

Other than that it should also be mentioned that there's a special campaign with this single in which if you buy a copy, doesn't matter which version of the single, you can download a message from one of the boys. Each single will have one user code which can only be used once and will only let you download one message. Each member will have three messages each so there will be 30 messages in total.

Honestly I can't say I'm actually too surprised at this turn of events. If you follow the charts the week HSJ is releasing this single has competition with girl groups No Sleeves and KARA, both who potentially could sell as much if not more than HSJ, especially as they both had/have more versions of their single as KARA has 3 and No Sleeves has 4. So I'm pretty sure that this is to combat that by at least having as many editions as KARA and then adding the special messages to give incentives to have fans buy multiple copies of the three editions.

But as this is giving us a CD version of one of HSJ's concert songs I'm not complaining too much. In fact I kinda welcome it as I really would love to see more of the songs they've only sung live be put on CDs so I can enjoy them with higher quality sound and without audience noise. I just gotta figure out whose messages to download (if they can be downloaded with a PC and it isn't just a Japanese cellphone thing) because I'm rather torn between Takaki and Keito.


Jackie said...

First when I heard about the additional Edition, I thought it has to do something with not great preorder sales. Now when I read your post, I didn´t know the same day KARA and No Sleeves will release too?! Oh oh, I think HSJ will have a hard time to go against them.
I imagine, probably the preorder sales were in fact not that well and Johnnys started to worry and added this new edition?! Because it was kind of like in the last minute.
I also think the HSJ members started to worry too when they were told to make suddenly a PV for Aiing Aishiteru , or in general that they´ll have another edition.
Also, what could be a sign for the low preorder sales: they performed on Music Station so early and this is really unusual for Johnnys I think.

Personally I like Over but I heard not everyone is satisfied with this song.
Of course I´m cheering for HSJ and hope they´ll get Number One position in the end.
But still, I think especially against KARA it will be hard.

Thennary Nak said...

I'm pretty sure the pre-order amount wasn't too off from usual but with the competition from the girl groups they probably didn't feel like it would be enough.

Honestly I was expecting them to come out with some special campaign to get people to buy the first week of release but not a new edition. But as I mentioned in the post it does help even the playing field a bit with number of editions.

It's not the first time they've performed on MSte so early. I think it's more to do with the fact that it doesn't really have a tie-in so they have to promote with performances. That and with Summary coming up they'll be doing performances for that with the Juniors for it so it's probably better to start Over promotions early so they can move right in to Summary right after.

It's taken a while for Over to grow on me. But even then I liked Ai-ing Aishiteru from the start and was happy to see sub-unit songs. And then with the new edition it's a concert song finally getting a CD release and I'm sure there are plenty of fans that would love to trade in their concert rips of the song for something of CD quality.