22 June 2011

Mid-year Oricon charts

I can't believe about half of the year is already over. This year has just seemed to have flown by so far. Here is the top yearly Oricon charts for this first half of the year. It looks like the only chart Johnny's is really dominating is the music DVD chart though their not doing too bad with the singles chart either. And I think overall they just need to release more albums to do better on that chart, and I have the feeling we'll see strong numbers from Arashi and SMAP in that regard when their albums drop this year.

Top 50 singles (Johnny's only)

3 624,865 Arashi - Lotus
7 252,634 Kanjani8 - T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street
8 241,630 Akanishi Jin - Eternal
14 188,555 Hey! Say! JUMP - Arigatou~ Sekai no Doko ni Ite mo~
16 185,421 Kanjani8 - My Home
19 170,575 KAT-TUN - WHITE
20 158,141 Kanjani8 - 365 Nichi Kazoku
23 151,056 NYC - Yume Tamago
32 111,072 Domoto Tsuyoshi - Eni wo Yuite
34 108,282 Tegomass - Aoi Bench
40 89,498 Yamashita Tomohisa - Hadakanbo

Top 50 albums (Johnny's only)

22 135,404 Yamashita Tomohisa - SUPERGOOD,SUPERBAD

Top 50 DVDs (Johnny's only)

1 785,410 Arashi - Arashi 10–11 Tour "Scene": Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fūkei – Stadium
4 155,844 Kanjani8 - KANJANI8 LIVE TOUR 2010→2011 8UPPERS
10 92,273 Akanishi Jin - Yelow Gold Tour
11 89,729 Domoto Koichi - KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2010 BPM
12 89,232 Hey! Say! JUMP - SUMMARY 2010
17 50,295 Tegomass - Tegomass 2nd Live Tegomass no Ai
18 45,874 Arashi - ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10
20 43,768 SMAP - We are SMAP! 2010 CONCERT DVD
25 32,217 Arashi - 5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009
36 25,558 Tackey & Tsubasa - Tackey & Tsubasa CONCERT TOUR 2010 Takitsuba Matsuri
45 19,911 Arashi - ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO
49 16,159 Arashi - SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL Time-Kotoba no Chikara


Chris said...

Whoa Arashi !!! so proud of them.
Arashi is such a big seller, may it be DVD or single.
JE can be happy to have them.
Ouch at Yamapi´s Hadakanbo sales D:

Jackie said...

Thanks for the list !
Arashi sure is amazing. I mean, Kanjani8, Jin etc, have really good sales too but look at Arashi, they are waaaay more ahead of all Johnnys groups.
I think they could release any kind of single, their fans are so loyal and would buy any stuff of them. And what is even more nice: they weren´t so popular before but slowly started getting more and more famous. In comparison to KAT-TUN, who started at their peak and always going down and down..
Of course it´s not KAT-TUN´s fault, but I just notice the difference.
As of Arashi, it´s amazing one might think, boybands are most popular when they are around 20 or so, but Arashi got more popular the more mature they became.
Now I wonder if their popularity will stay steady the next half or next year too, or even more rising or going down?!
Only time will tell.

Even though AKB48´s sales are much higer in the single charts, but I think Arashi sells more "fair". What I mean is, AKB uses 4 or 5 editions, including handshake event tickets, photos, etc and the recent voting thing.
I don´t want to say this is bad and I don´t have anything against AKB48, but I just respect Arashi more, for how they sell their singles.

Arashi is the only JE band right now with REALLY high sales , and in DVD charts as well. I wonder if there will be a new generation JE band in the near future who will have such great sales too. But now, it doesn´t look like it..

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Hadakanbo so low. Guess, their tactic to release it one week before the album was really bad. And he even achieved those sales through handshake event

Ani2 said...

I don´t know why JUMP´s SUMMARY DVD is so low :((
I have this DVD and love it and you might think, 10 members=more fans, but it doesn´t seem so.
Everytime I watch at those figures I realize how many fans Arashi have. They are indeed the group who earns most money for Johnnys jimusho.
One week until the release of OVER!!! I reallyyyy hope they´ll do at least better than Arigatou.
But in general, Johnnys have really good sales.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

Arashi is definitely one of the top groups of the agency. And I think if SMAP ever retires they will be the group that can take their place.

Well that single was released a week before the album and didn't even have a B-side so I don't think it's that bad. Especially as there are other singles from Johnny's that didn't even make the top 50.

@ Jackie

I think quite a few have noticed that about KAT-TUN. In a way I feel like I won't feel so bad if Kisumai doesn't debut with big numbers as it would hopefully mean that they will be able to rise instead of face the same kind of fall KAT-TUN is in.

I think Arashi has the chance to fit into the Japanese entertainment industry as SMAP has already. And I think if Arashi is the next SMAP then it'll be some time before any of the younger groups are in the position to be the next Arashi, IMHO.

Most acts have a lot of different versions, the idol groups being the worst. So I wouldn't call it completely unfair but I think it's better to see which songs are those that are popular long after the release to judge what actually is popular in Japan.

@ Anonymous

It usually is a bad tacit, I think the only worse one is to release a single from an already released single.

@ Ani2

HSJ just hasn't gotten as much promotion as other groups, especially since most of their promotion has been tied in with Yamada. Hopefully this will change as they are older and the younger members will start finishing up with high school soon and have freer schedule for activities.