24 June 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 & V6 new singles up for pre-order

Well Kis-My-Ft2's debut single is up for pre-ordering now. It's the usual three version set up Avex does for the Johnny's groups they release for with two LEs and a regular version. One LE comes with a DVD with the PV and making of (which is listed at being 10 minutes long) while the other comes with live concert footage of Firebeat and Kis-My-Land from their past concert tour. The regular edition comes with four tracks instead of the three the LEs come with. The RE also comes with a 20 page booklet for its 1st pressing. And CDJapan lists that each version will come with a poster.

Everybody Go [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A / Jacket A] / Kis-My-Ft2

Everybody Go [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B / Jacket B] / Kis-My-Ft2

Everybody Go [Regular Edition / Jacket C] / Kis-My-Ft2

And it looks like Avex decided to put out a new V6 single up for pre-order at the same time. I'm sure V6 fans will be happy to finally have something released this year for the group. The single is titled Sexy.Honey.Bunny!/Takara no Ishi and comes in three editions, two LEs and a regular edition. It's a double A-side so each LE comes with a different PV. The single will be released on August 24th.

Sexy.Honey.Bunny! / Takara no Ishi [w/ DVD, Limited Edition (Honey ban) / Jacket A] / V6

Sexy.Honey.Bunny! / Takara no Ishi [w/ DVD, Limited Edition (Bunny ban) / Jacket B] / V6

Sexy.Honey.Bunny! / Takara no Ishi [Regular Edition / Jacket C] / V6


Chris said...

Oh, V6´s next single sounds epic XD
Too bad the making of of Kisumai is soooo short T_T I don´t understand why so short????
Especially for a new debuted group, people who don´t know them yet, would want to get to know them better. But 10 minutes?!
Well but the concert clips sound good to me. Especially since I like FireBeat.

Ani2 said...

I agree with Chris, 10 min. is way too short in my opinion.
But I´m excited to see the PV and as well as the making of of course.
I don´t know if I´ll buy their single because "Everybody Go" is not a song where I´d like to buy a CD of. But maybe I´ll buy one just for support.

I laughed at V6´s single , I´m happy they release something finally but the title is really .. interesting , ahaha ! Then I wonder, how will the PV look like?!
No seriously, I´m hoping for a good song :)

I´ve been wondering since quite a long time, but I find it so awesome how older JE groups, like SMAP or V6 still are active in the music industry and still popular.
In my country it would be impossible. Boybands have to be somewhere around 20 and after a year or 2 , they disappear because of shrinking popularity or burn-out syndrom. So different with Johnnys .
But what I´m wondering about: is there a rule in JE that the idols HAVE to stay in the agency and continue being idols, even if they get over 30 or so? Why isn´t there a group who breaks up for example, because they want to concentrate on marrying, having children etc.? ( don´t get me wrong, I absolutely do NOT want a group to break up !)
And even after so many years, they are still popular. Why is it like this? Because the japanese fans are so loyal?

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I'm surprised at the short run time for the making of as well. But hopefully we'll get longer ones with other releases in the future.

@ Ani2

I'm not a fan of the song either but I have faith that I'll end up liking the B-sides at least as I usually find myself loving a B-side for singles that I may not like the A-side of when it comes to Johnny's. Hopefully we'll get samples of those soon.

It does sound like an interesting title.

I think it's mostly how the entertainment industry in Japan is set up. It's not uncommon at all for idols to get into acting and variety programs being so popular it's a perfect format for acts that focus on personality, like idols. So I think those factors help a lot with how long some idol groups can continue on.

For the agency thing the business culture in general in Japan is about being loyal to your organization which counts for the entertainment industry as well. It's a bit of an unspoken rule that if you leave an agency you need to go to one on the same level as the one you left or more powerful as it'll be hard for you to continue your career on the same level. Which is why the Juniors that leave Johnny's rarely are able to attain the same level of popularity of Johnny's, but it's pretty much the same story with all the talent agencies in Japan and why very few in the entertainment agency change agencies.

Break ups can occur of course, in fact a lot of early Johnny's groups broke up after a few years together for various reasons and the long lives of Johnny's groups didn't really happen until Shounentai and SMAP.