14 June 2011

Dream Boys 2011 news

Information for this year's Dream Boys performances has begun to come out. First off Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring in the musical this year. He will be joined by fellow KAT-TUN members Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi who will have major roles in the production.

Dream Boys is expected to run from September 3rd to September 25th at the Tokyo Imperial Garden Theater.

Momoedgewood blog.

I guess even if they don't have their concerts most will have this musical for this year. Hopefully Junno and Ueda will have something to keep themselves busy with around the same time.


Chris said...

I heard they changed their group name temporary to "Katsun" or something like that?! Is it true?

Thennary Nak said...

I don't think it's something that will affect the group outside of Dream Boys. I don't think even Johnny's would do something so drastic after so long. If they do anything as a full group, like release a CD or something they would probably use KAT-TUN, IMHO.