23 June 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 Go!

Finally we have not only a release date for Kis-My-Ft2's debut single but also the title track. It looks like the A-side will be Everybody Go, which the group has already performed on Shounen Club last month, and it will be released on August 10th.

Natalie article (Japanese)

The greatest competition they have for the weekly number one will be the AKB48 subunit, DiVA. But I think with the drama tie-in and having a long established fanbase will help give Kisumai the advantage. And of course we still don't know how many versions the single will come in or if there will be any special campaigns to help boost sales tied to it.

Though I will admit I feel a bit disappointed with the A-side. I wasn't impressed with the song on SC but I find I usually enjoy the B-sides for singles when I don't care for the A-sides when it comes to most Johnny's.

EDIT: The information seems to be all over the place for this release. But it has been confirmed that there will be three editions of the single with the two LEs having different DVD contents, one of the PV and making with the other being live footage from their last concert. The RE will have a bonus track for four tracks in total.

Tokyohive article. (English)

EDIT 2: Just when I think I've found most of the information I find more. Avex Trax has their official website for Kis-My-Ft2 and has a countdown for the release date. There are also special member versions of the single (7 versions in total) that will be released through Japanese online store mu-mo. These version only have two tracks but come with a message from each member as well as an 8-page booklet and roller skate key holder for each member.


Jackie said...

Finally we have a debut date !!!
Somehow I´m really excited.
Fans waited for so long.
So it´s Everybody Go after all. Well, I think it´s quite a catchy song but I imagine, if it would be Fire Beat (of course in case we would have never heard this song), then it would be the perfect song for them and probably be really popular for many years. I don´t know if EverybodyGo will remain in the people´s minds for that long.
But still, I kind of like this song.

What I find amazing are those many editions! Also I read that they´ll debut in 7 Asian countries at the same time too. Quite impressive!
I guess, we´ll get to see some nice sales (hopefully) and I also believe they will get No.1, even if there will be Diva.
And because Everybody Go will become the themesong for Ikemen desu ne, it´s even more a guarantee for good sales.

Thank you for the link of Kisumai´s official page. It looks awesome and I especially love the countdown.

All the best for Kisumai!

Kismy said...

OMGGGG , long waiting has come to an end XDDD
It´s such a wonderful day today !!!!!! My fav Johnny group finally gets to debut, omgggg
I couldn´t sleep all night when I read about it lol
But Johnny is making or wallet shrinking again.
Bu there´s no help, I´ll buy buy BUY !!!!
(sorry, I´m really excited XDD)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news !!
And they will debut in my country too !!!! I´m not a fan of Kis-my-ft2 but if they´ll release a single in my country anyway, then I´ll buy it. I´d buy any kind of single as long as they´re Johnnys:D
Maybe this could mean , they´re planning to go on Asia Tour soon??

Chris said...

Yes, yes, yes !
Kisumai Goooo !!
Can´t believe fans must have waited for about half a year.
Now I hope that ABC-Z will follow them.
It will be interesting to see how much singles they will sell, since there will be so many editions.
Good luck !!

Ani2 said...

HURRAY XD It was about time, Johnny !!!
Debuts are always so exciting !
I wonder if the version of "everybody go" on Shounenclub is the final version of the debut single? Because Johnnys FC members were asked to choose from 2 versions and say which one they would like more.
I find it a bit disappointing that only Fujigaya and Kitayama get to sing solo lines, even Tama doesn´t.
So hope that there´ll be a slightly different version where more members get to sing.
But overall, it´s a bit sad that it looks like as if Kisumai would consist just of Fujigaya, Kitayama and Tamamori.The others are sooo much in the background, they are just like backup dancers.
Wouldn´t it be better if JE would bring the other members more to the spotlight, so they would get some more fans? Me for example, I almost don´t know anything about those other 4.
Well, but I see the same with HSJ, where Inoo, Ryutaro and Keito get way too little spottime as well.
About the song again, when I first heard it, I thought it would be perfect for the Volley Ball Champs in November. The lyrics and everything, it would really fit into a support for volleyball.
But they are singing this song already for quite some time, I don´t believe they´ll use it as a song for the support.
I´m looking forward to see how their career will go on.
But first of all, let´s celebrate Kis-my-ft2´s debut !!!

Oh and I like the new avex page of Kisumai !

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

I'm really glad to have a date finally as well. And looking at their concert schedule they're going to be really busy with promoting the week before and of the release as well as fitting a concert date in it all.

There's also another version of Everybody Go that they performed at the baseball game and word is that Johnny's has been asking which version fans prefer. I'm interested in that other version and hope it's better than the other. Even then though I'm sure I'll like the B-sides.

Well it is Avex and they've been known to do this sort of thing for their other acts, IIRC AAA had a single release that had about 10 versions as well in the past. And since both Koda Kumi and DiVA are under Avex as well I think Kisumai's #1 is probably ensured for the week.

I really like the look of the web page as well. It'll be nice to watch it expand in the future.

@ Kismy

I'm very much there with you. Especially as I've decided to get one of those member specific versions, but I think I would regret it if I didn't since debuts like this only happen once.

@ Anonymous

If there's any group that could do an Asia tour so soon after debut it would be Kisumai as all their members are 20 years old or older. Especially since they went with KAT-TUN on their previous Asia tour.

@ Chris

I think it'll be interesting to see what the sales will be like as well, but I think all those editions will ensure that they'll sell well as Kisumai already has a loyal fanbase.

Even though I do like ABC-Z I don't see them eventually debuting as a group. I think they'll more than likely be another group like M.A. or M.A.D. and remain active with back dancing and musicals. Though Hashimoto may get the chance to debut as I think he fits the right age/look and seems to have a big fanbase amongst Junior fans.

@ Ani2

I guess we'll have to see which version it is when they begin promotions for it.

Having only a member or two be the 'face' of the group is nothing new when it comes to Johnny's. In fact they do that for all their groups for the most part. But I think having three of seven members get focus is more balanced than say Yamada being the main focus of HSJ.

If Kisumai does support this year I think they'd give them another song for it. Though I agree, this song does sound like the usual volleyball support song.