21 June 2011

Kanjani8 drama news and SMAP AID up for pre-order

A couple bits of news about Kanjani8 members in dramas.

The first is that Murakami Shingo will be starring in this year's NTV's 24hr. drama special and Shibutani Subaru will have a supporting role.

NTV 24hr OHP (Japanese)

Also Maruyama Ryuhei will be part of the regular cast of upcoming cop drama, Strawberry Night. The drama ran as a SP earlier in the year and is being made as a full drama for the winter season. With the longer run new cast members have been added, with Maruyama being one of those new additions.

The drama will air on Fuji TV starting in January 2012.

Tokyo Graph article.

Also SMAP's upcoming compilation album, SMAP AID, is up for pre-order and is listed as being a limited release.

SMAP AID [Limited Release] / SMAP


Ani2 said...

it´s great to hear they´re so active this year. First their 3 singles in a row, then lots of dramas etc.
And the end of year concert in Osaka will happen again for sure.
Now, hopefully the next year will continue like this!
I just wish Johnnys would give a chance for NEWS too. But Yamashita is being active as solo artist now and Ryo always busy now with Kanjani8, I don´t see any happening with NEWS sadly >_<
Is it because of the low sales of "Fighting Man"?
I feel , this group is most inactive now and I don´t know if fans want to wait any longer.
Sorry for becoming off-topic .

Jackie said...

Wow, already a drama announcement for 2012?! Probably I won´t watch any of those dramas since I don´t follow K8 much, but those are good news indeed.
And overall this year seems to be a really nice one for K8 and their fans.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

It looks like this year is a good year for K8 fans.

There are a few groups that don't sell as well as NEWS so I don't think it would be based on sales for one single alone. But I also get the sense that NEWS has been put on the back burner most of the time in the past few years and since Yamapi is doing so well as a soloist I don't see that changing anytime soon.

@ Anonymous

It does seem like a really good year to be a K8 fan. Though I imagine when they have their 8 year anniversary it'll be even better.

Jackie said...

@ Thennary
Um, when did K8 debut exactly? Was it 2003? So the anniversary must be 2012, right?
If so, then I can see lots of activities coming up for them.