05 December 2013

Tegomass' Youth

Tegomass will be releasing a new album early next year on January 22nd. The title of the album is Tegomass no Seishun.

The regular edition will have fourteen tracks for the CD with two of those tracks being bonus tracks that are exclusive to that edition. It will also have a sixteen page booklet.

The limited edition will have twelve tracks on the album but it will come with a DVD that will have a music video for the album track, Hikari, as well as making of footage and an interview. This will come with a twenty-six page booklet.

And since this seems to be the popular thing to do for Johnny's releases these days there will be a special edition that collects the two editions to be bought together.

I think since this comes after NEWS' debut of a new song I do not feel too anxious about the group with this release. At this point I feel NEWS has reached the same status when it comes to releases as the older groups like V6, where they will release something when they release it and fans will just need to be patient for it. So I feel confident that sometime next year we will get a new NEWS single at least and I am willing to wait for that.

I generally like the songs Tegomass do so I look forward to this album, just not as much as I would a new NEWS release.

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