20 December 2013

Ai-ai can't believe HSJ is releasing a new single

I think I am still in shock about this but Hey! Say! JUMP is already lined up to release a new single before their latest one, Ride With Me, is released. On February 5th of next year they will release a double A-side single titled AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life. The track AinoArika will be the theme song for the drama Dark System Koi no Oza Ketteisen, which Yaotome Hikaru and Inoo Kei will be in.

The single comes in four different editions, three limited editions and one regular edition. There is also a bundle of all four singles.

The first limited edition will come with a DVD with the PV for the song AinoArika and the making of feature for it. The CD will only have the two title tracks on it.

The second limited edition will also have a DVD and will have the PV for the song Aisureba Motto Happy Life as well as its making of feature. It will have the same contents on the CD as the first limited edition.

The third limited edition is only a CD that will have the title tracks plus two new songs for the group. It will also have karaoke tracks for all four songs.

The regular edition also has the two title tracks as well as unit songs for Hey! Say! BEST and Hey! Say! 7. It will also have karaoke tracks for all songs on the CD.

And of course there is the bundle of all four editions, which seems to be the popular thing for releases from Johnny's these days.

I am still pretty shocked about this news. I had hoped that we would get a new HSJ single in the first half of 2014 and hopefully a new album but I would not have expected one so soon. But I am quite happy as it is about time HSJ did something to make up for their weird release schedule. I do hope this means that my wish for a new album this year will happen, and honestly with this release being a double A-side they could release an album after this. And if they have a tour in the summer it would be perfect. But I feel like I am getting ahead of myself here. I think for now I will just bask in the joy that HSJ may release more than one single for two years in a row.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy with this news, wasn't expecting this also :)) Was just looking if you posted somthing new before I was going to sleep. And when I read the news of another new HSJ release I jumped a little of happiness ;) I'm also hoping for a new album release somewhere next summer and now I'm hoping that HSJ wil get the pushe and steady release as the boys deserve. As a long time HSJfan its about time :)) I've just made my pre-order. Oh and also I think this is the first release where the song is going to be used for a drama where Yamada isn't part of it, I don't know but for me this is kind of a sign that HSJ is getting on an other level where all members wil have some more spotlight and maybe wil help to get the group on an other level of popularity lol thats probably just me dreaming. I'm tired and need sleep, really thanks for the good news. I'm going to sleep and dream very good tonight ;)

Thennary Nak said...

The group has been heading in the direction of being less Yamada-centric of late if you ask me. Other members are getting drama roles and like you said this single has a drama tie-in for a drama that does not have Yamada in it. I too see it as a good thing as I think one of the things that dragged the group down was that it focused so much on him, which made little sense to me as it is such a large group.

If the rumors are true about them being shifted under Julie's management then it seems to be the best thing for the group, as she seems more than willing to build up all the members of the group as she tends to do with the other groups she manages.

And I am more than happy to spread great news like this.

Angi said...

Thanks so much for the news!! I am sooooooo happy about them releasing so much now!! I hope this will continu for a long time now! ^-^