05 December 2013

Kis-My-Snow Dome

As expected, Kis-My-Ft2 will not be leaving fans waiting long for the DVD release for their latest dome concert, SNOW DOME no Yakusoku IN TOKYO DOME 2013.11.16. The DVD will be released next year on January 29th and will come in two editions.

The regular edition is just the concert and the listing mentions it should be about 30 tracks long.

The limited edition will come with a bonus disc that will have footage from their concerts at Yokohama Arena from the concert tour they did earlier in the year, Good Live Tour Ikuze! It will also come with a photo booklet with images from the concerts.

So I guess when it comes to live DVDs for Kisumai fans just need to wait for them to do a dome concert. The group is definitely at a stage that they should be able to do at least one dome concert a year as they are still steadily pushed.

I am disappointed we are not getting another Kis-My-Zero CD like we did with their last concert DVD. There are still a few songs from their Junior days that have yet to make it onto a CD and some of them are songs that I love and would love to have a CD version of. But it is nice that they have that bonus DVD for the tour earlier in the year instead of having no release what so ever for it.

Not sure if I will get this. I want to, but I need to catch up with CD releases the next time I have enough money to afford an order. I think it will have to go on my, buy when I can afford it, list as many DVD/BD releases seem to end up on.

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