02 December 2013

Johnny's 2014-2015 calendars ready for pre-order

This year there a couple more of the Johnny's school calendars to choose from as Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z are getting their own finally instead of being lumped in with the Juniors.

Hey! Say! JUMP continues to be the longest group around to release a calendar and I wonder if they will reach the usual ten year limit before discontinuing this as is the usual standard. Their calendar is listed as having two parts in the listing but really no other information about its format.

Hey! Say! JUMP 2014.4-2015.3 Official Calendar / Hey!Say!JUMP

Kis-My-Ft2 is up next and they will be getting a book type daily calendar that will come with a B4 sized photo book.

2014.4>2015.3 Kis-My-Ft2 Calendar / Kis-My-Ft2

As I already mentioned Sexy Zone will finally have their own calendar this year. It will be a monthly calendar (listed as A2 sized which IIRC is poster sized) and will come with a sticker book.

Sexy Zone Calendar 2014/4-2015/3 / Sexy Zone

A.B.C-Z also gets their first solo calendar and it looks like it will be a book like Kisumai's. It will come with a data book.

2014/4-2015/3 A.B.C-Z Calendar / Wani Books

And this of course means the Junior calendar will actually feature just the Juniors. And from the mock up of the cover it looks like it will be a good mix of Tokyo and Kansai Juniors featured. Or at least I hope so. Not too much in the listing other than it will B4 sized and 28 pages. The Japanese does mention it featuring 60 Juniors and something about a data clip.

2014.4>2015.3 Johnny's Jr. Calendar / Johnny's Jr.

If I had the money to spend I would probably like to get the Junior calendar, though I would like to get the HSJ one, but I want to know what it is exactly first.

I am happy to see SZ and Ebi getting their own calendars. I know for the one right after their debut it would have been too late to take them out of the Junior calendar as they do the photo shoots for these well in advance. But last year I think at least SZ should have gotten their own instead of being with the Juniors again. In any case it really feels like these two groups are finally finding their footing after shaky debuts and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them.


Chels said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you know of any websites where shipping isn't too expensive. I live in Canada and am always worried about shipping costs if I want to order something Johnnys related :/

Thennary Nak said...

I usually always go with CDJapan, but their shipping can be expensive, though everything is packed very well.

The only other place I can think of is to try Yesasia. They offer free shipping for orders that are above a certain amount. I haven't used them for years though.