31 December 2013

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 7

There is no way I am going into the new year without finishing this up. So here is the first of the last two questions I still have to answer and I will get out the second before midnight.

This question was asked by an anonymous commenter: Johnny-san isn't getting any younger. I am sure plans are being made about what to do with Johnny's Entertainment after he retires or dies. Do you think the Organization is in for major changes once that happens, or will everything be business as usual? And will Takizawa H. have any role to play? Thanks.

I doubt there will be any major changes for Johnny's & Associates once Johnny Kitagawa hands the company over. Sure there will be some eventually but I expect it to be a gradual change. I doubt there will be the major schism some fans fear when a successor is chosen from either Julie Kitagawa or Iijima Michi.

Japanese companies are notorious for having the president position actually having little power with most of the activity coming from those in line for that position as they fight over it. This is what we are currently seeing with the factions but once there is a winner things will settle down as these things tend to do.

Also Johnny's in general seems to go for the "if it isn't broke then don't fix it" kind of approach so there is little drive for the agency to break away from what they are already doing.

I think Tackey is well on his way to getting himself in on the management side of things with Johnny's for the long run. But for him his focus seem to be mainly with the Juniors and I do not see that changing for him. I see him having a position similar to Higashiyama Noriyuki, who also is both a talent for the agency as well is one the other side of things. When it comes to what it going on at the top I do not think he will have much to say in the matter though he is one of the few talents that does not seem to have to pick sides in it.

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