31 December 2013

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 8

And finally finishing this up. So one last thank you for everyone who left me a question to answer for this.

This question comes from nanu b: the scense or the main point of the shounen club used to be the presentation or introduction of the jrs, and between the jrs you could easyly spot the main jrs that would make it(debut) sooner or later , right? 
nowadays shokura is just a program were you can see 3 or 2 debut groups plus a guest
(who is obviously another debut sempai) and see games where the participants are also debut sempais! 3 years of this and I don´t have a clue about who are the main Jrs! they push the baka team then split the baka team , then for months you see Taiga and Juri at front then Hoku and Jessy, then noon boys then snow man then jrs all over the place (just backdancing ) but no one is clearly a main Jr!
I love HSJ, ABCZ and Sexy boys are cute and everything but what about the jrs?
my question is : What are your thoughts about Shokura, the Jrs of this "era" and the debuted sempais that are still in the show?
I´m sorry for the intro of the question
No need to apologize. Honestly the amount of focus on debuted groups on Shounen Club in the past couple of years has bothered me as well. I would say it has gotten better with the longer length of the program as they can fit in another performance on the show and it seems to be going to the Juniors. But I would rather see more Juniors and less of the debuted Johnny's. Though it looks like there is a good chance the Hey! Say! JUMP members will be leaving the program when the new season begins in April, as they seem to be sidelined by Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z nowadays and do not seem to serve much of a purpose on the show.

I would love it if SZ and Ebi get less of a presence on the show as well, maybe never give them more than one performance each for an episode and no longer have them participate in the Junior game segment. I think that should strike an okay balance for now, though Ebi should probably start moving towards leaving the program now that they are getting their own shows to be in.

They have made it hard to figure out which Juniors to follow if you want to focus on those most likely to debut. I think the best way to figure that out now is to look at which ones get work outside of the program. But I think Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto would be safe bets as they do seem to get steady focus when it comes to the older Juniors.

I think the four of the Sexy Boyz grouping are definitely Juniors to watch as well. Johnny's seems to have a thing about putting Juniors they seem to have plans for in groups of four, like Four Tops, Ya-Ya-Yah and B.I.Shadow. Of course not all of the SB four will debut, I would put money on Jinguji Yuta and Iwahashi Genki having the best shots at a debut though.

In fact with the Johnny's WEST 4 debut announcement I think it is safe to say that there are going to be debuts between now and 2020, so I am anticipating the next debut after JW4 to be a FIVB group for 2015. I can definitely see Jinguji and Genki being placed in that group seeing as I do not believe they have been attached to Twenty Twenty. And of course they will need to have some other Juniors debut with them so SC is not useless for trying to find who will debut next yet.

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