09 November 2013

s-My-2 become Busaiku!

On Kis-My-Ft2's program Kis-My-Busaiku they had Nakai Masahiro appear on their special episode a while ago. Near the end of the program he told the four members that usually do not get pushed that he was going to write a song for them. Nothing was completely verified about what that would actually mean for the four, Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takashi, but it looks like they will indeed have a single coming out just for them.

The four will have a unit called Busaiku (but using different kanji than the ones that make the word mean "unattractive") and the song Nakai has penned for them is called Tana kara Botamochi. The single will be released on December 13th (a Friday) and will have three editions.

The first limited edition will be a standard one with the song and a karaoke version on the CD and a DVD with a PV and making of.

The second limited edition is just the song and karaoke.

And the regular edition is the same as the second limited edition.

The only selling point for that second limited edition I can really see is that it is about half the cost of the regular edition. So if you want this single cheap that is the one to go for.

Honestly I am quite happy something did indeed come of this. I think the only thing I am disappointed with is that it is only one song but this single does seem to only be happening because of Nakai's push for it so I doubt they were going to try much for it.  

I will definitely be getting the first limited edition. It is almost tempting to get the other limited edition because it is so cheap (around 500Yen) and really want to show my support for the four. I cannot help but think that if this does well enough management might be willing to push them more with the other three, or at least make it look like they are all in the same group with their outfits.

Honestly it will be great to really hear Senga and Nikaido, as they both are good singers. Miyata is not bad though Yokoo is on the weak side. But this being idol pop it is not like that matters too much but it would still be great to have Senga and Nikaido get to show off their singing ability.

I am just really happy about this and hope that it does well. And I guess if I want more Busaiku songs I can just re-label the album tracks that they four have had for themselves with the group name and listen to those.

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