17 November 2013

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 4

Even if it kills me I will get myself back on schedule like I want to be with this week. So here is the next question for my Q&A Month.

If you want to leave me a question to be answered this month please do so in this post. I may not see it if you post it elsewhere.

This next question comes from Angi: Since you always seem to have many informations I wanted to aks if you know anything new about the new JE band that is supposed to debut at the beginning of next year. I heard it is supposed to be a kanju group but after that never read any other news of it anymore! T-T
Do you may know some more info?

Honestly there has not been a lot of talk, pretty none, about the Kansai group that was said to be in the works not too long ago. And I do expect much to come out until Johnny's is ready to set a date for the debut CD. What is known from the initial announcement that if this debut goes through it will be in early 2014 and the group would be seven to eight members large.

Even though things have been quiet about it since this announcement I have not given up hope. This debut announcement seems to be following the pattern of A.B.C-Z's where it gets announced that the group will debut at some point in the nearish future and a few things are said about it that is up in the air, with Ebi it was an addition of two members and a changing of name to A.B.C-xyZ, and then we get silence about it for a while. Of course in the time from that announcement for Ebi and their actual debut we had the debut of Sexy Zone and the idea of adding members to the group was dropped, but again when we did get that update it was for when the debut release would come out. I fully expect this is going to be the same pattern we will see with this Kansai group debut and we probably will not hear any new until early next year when they have decided on a date, as well of course who the new members of the group will be.

Of course with Yamasaki Kunta recently quitting the agency it makes me wonder if they are solidifying who will be debuting. For the older Kansai Juniors like he was this group will probably the last shot they have at debuting and if they do not think that they have gotten signs that they are in the running to be in the group I can see them deciding to go ahead and quit now and see if they can create a career for themselves elsewhere, but this is mainly my speculation here.

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