01 November 2013

Q&A Month 2013 question post

As regular readers may have noticed I have not been posting much lately and in part that is because I have hit my annual slump. So to get over it I will do what I usually do for that and have my annual Q&A Month. So I am currently open for readers to leave me questions that I will answer throughout the month of November and if I get enough even December.

Questions do not have to be about Johnny's but I do request that they are not overly personal, like asking about my real name, my address and things like that.

So with that out of the way please leave your questions in the comments of this post. I may not see them if you leave them in another post. And I would like to thank everyone who does leave a question and has so in previous Q&A Months.

You have until the end of the month, November, to get your questions in.


Karen said...

What are your thoughts on KAT-TUN's future?

Do you see losing Koki as a major loss for KAT-TUN (in terms of sales, musically, group dynamics etc.)?

Thanks in advance =)

Chels said...

I want to start my own Johnny's blog, any pointers or advice?

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Just a random thought: What do you think of Twenty Twenty?

Angi said...

Since you always seem to have many informations I wanted to aks if you know anything new about the new JE band that is supposed to debut at the beginning of next year. I heard it is supposed to be a kanju group but after that never read any other news of it anymore! T-T
Do you may know some more info?

nanu b said...

I remember that Kisumai and ABCZ had their own songs since 2006 but nowadays the only ones that has own songs are kanjus! Snow man are a group since 2010 maybe early but they don´t have songs! I know that they want to debut but I see them only as backdancers ( really good ones indeed) but what is bother me is that not even the popular jrs has songs! maybe the 20-20 thing is true (no debut before 2020)
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on why jticket international has been inactive in ticket request? do you think it has something to do with management shake-up? I mean, the ohp has gone bilingual(some jnet movies are even subtitled) yet no means to get tickets from the overseas end, not even for stage plays. its not like we visit japan all year round, one unhappy fan!

Anonymous said...

Johnny-san isn't getting any younger. I am sure plans are being made about what to do with Johnny's Entertainment after he retires or dies. Do you think the Organization is in for major changes once that happens, or will everything be business as usual? And will Takizawa H. have any role to play? Thanks.

nanu b said...

the scense or the main point of the shounen club used to be the presentation or introduction of the jrs, and between the jrs you could easyly spot the main jrs that would make it(debut) sooner or later , right?
nowadays shokura is just a program were you can see 3 or 2 debut groups plus a guest
(who is obviously another debut sempai) and see games where the participants are also debut sempais! 3 years of this and I don´t have a clue about who are the main Jrs! they push the baka team then split the baka team , then for months you see Taiga and Juri at front then Hoku and Jessy, then noon boys then snow man then jrs all over the place (just backdancing ) but no one is clearly a main Jr!
I love HSJ, ABCZ and Sexy boys are cute and everything but what about the jrs?
my question is : What are your thoughts about Shokura, the Jrs of this "era" and the debuted sempais that are still in the show?
I´m sorry for the intro of the question

nanu b said...
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