07 November 2013

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 2

And on to the next question for this month. And again I want to give my thanks to everyone who has left a question so far. If you want to leave a question for me to answer then please do so in this post, I may not see it if you leave it anywhere else.

This question comes from Chels: I want to start my own Johnny's blog, any pointers or advice? 

Do not get hung up when something does not go as you planned it. Whether it be a mistake you make in a post or missing a deadline you may have set it is much better to just push on and keep posting instead of fretting over what is already done.

Also I have found that blogging requires a lot of trail and error. Sometimes something is going to work but sometimes it won't. If something is not working for you do not feel afraid to quit it and try something else. Blogging is a commitment and not always easy, especially when the topic you are blogging about has nothing going on or your life gets busy. But there is a great satisfaction with being able to have your own little corner of fandom to share your love for it and to have others read and comment from time to time.

It will take some time to build up a readership so do not get discouraged if you do not get a lot of hits at first. I may get numbers in the hundreds these days but I have been blogging for almost six years with this blog and there was a long stretch at the beginning that getting into the double digits for hits was something to celebrate.

That said another great thing about blogging is that if you reach out to other bloggers they tend to be willing to help you out. So feel free to leave a link to the blog here when you make it and I will be happy to check it out and give it a call out on this blog at least to help you get some readers.

So good luck and I would love to see what you come up with.

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