11 November 2013

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 3

I plan on getting myself on schedule again this week so I should be answering a question every other day if I manage to do so. And if you want to leave a question for me to answer then please do so in this post, I may not see it if you leave it anywhere else.

Today's question is from an anonymous poster who asks: Just a random thought: What do you think of Twenty Twenty?

Honestly I have little opinion of this group right now. Mainly because there is not a lot to go by for the group as we only know some Juniors that are candidates for the group from Shounen Club and that there is still about seven years before it will debut if it all goes to plan. So much can change in seven years I feel it is difficult to try to figure anything out about the group until we get closer to 2020.

That and I have found the older I get the less interested I am in the younger Juniors. Sure they are cute and all but I need more than just cute to be interested in a Johnny. And since most of the Twenty Twenty candidates are these younger Juniors I am more than happy to not invested in them, as again so much can happen between now and the group's debut.

So until the group starts being shown as a group, like performing together under the Twenty Twenty name, I just cannot see myself caring much about them.

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