26 September 2013

Luv Sick, finally!

Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing a new single on November 13th. It will be a double A-side, the first A-side is still untitled but will be a tie-in for the 7-11 convenience stores, and the other A-side will see Luv Sick, the theme song for the Kamen Teacher drama, finally be released.

It will have the usual three versions released, the first two being limited editions with each coming with a DVD with the PVs for the title track. Each LE has only one of the two PVs which is the big difference between the two as the CD track listing is the same with just the A-sides being included.

The regular edition is just a CD but with the A-sides it will have a B-side, that is also not titled yet. It will also come with one of three mini photo booklets, which seems to be turning into a standard for the group's releases.

In addition to those three versions there is the usual shop edition, which can only be purchased through Avex online, so you need a Japanese address for that. There will be another version to be sold at 7-11 stores and it will come with B-side track not on the regular edition and a bonus DVD with footage from the making of the 7-11 CM the group will be in, but you have to be in Japan to purchase it.

Happy to see Luv Sick get a CD release, though it seems it is coming out a bit late as the drama will be over for some time by then so it will not get any benefit from that. But I guess with how well Kisumai does with sales such a boost would be rather minimal from a drama like that.

I was afraid this would happen someday and they would release a version of one of their CDs that I could not order through CDJapan. And since the 7-11 version has an extra song on it I really want to get it. I guess I will have to see if I cannot find an independent seller taking orders for it and order it through them. It will probably be the only version of the single I can afford for a while but I have a high rate of liking what I get from Kisumai I am willing to take the chance.


nanu b said...

I´m soo happy witj this news!! It´s great to finally be able of hear luv sick without the comentor´s voice !!!
I hope the Pv will be ...as incredible as the song

Laurie Cockrell said...

You can see if Amanda will be taking orders for it.


Thennary Nak said...

@ nanu b

Kisumai has been doing well with their PVs, IMHO. So I cannot wait to see what new ones we will get.

@ Laurie Cockrell

Will definitely check. I know there will be someone willing to do middle-man service for this.