12 September 2013

Kyomoto goes Jidaigeki

It has been announced that Kyomoto Taiga will be part of the supporting cast of Takizawa Hideaki's upcoming Taiga drama special, Nezumi, Edo o Hashiru. The special will air on January 9th of 2014. Kyomoto will play a character that falls in love with the sister of Tackey's character.

Sponichi article (Japanese)

Quite happy for Kyomoto to get an acting role outside of the late night NTV slot finally. Hopefully it will just be the first of more to come. But it seems like he is on track for getting much more work than before now that he has a more flexible schedule with Horikoshi.

I would not be surprised if Tackey suggested using Kyomoto because of his part in Takizawa Enbujo. Tackey has always seemed to be the kind of guy to try to bring up others with him whenever he has the chance. But that is just wild speculation on my part.

Kyomoto has been a Junior for so long it would be nice if he was able to catch some breaks as he is one of the Juniors I would like to see eventually debut.


Anonymous said...

I second that.. its about time that he gets some spotlight.. a debut, perhaps.. hint, hint. Also, long hair actually suits him(he was so adorable, like a doll, during takizawa enbujou '13, btw), thus samurai era/character will be awesome. Lookin' forward to taiga's growth as an actor/artist!

Thennary Nak said...

I would love it if he finally debuts, but I have the feeling he may be waiting a bit longer as it looks like it may be a Kansai unit first before anymore Tokyo units.

As long as it is just long hair and not the bald hair on top with long hair look I think he looks good. It is hard to pull off that bald look.

Anonymous said...

oh.. kanju debut finally?! kewl!
maybe when taiga gets a little bit older.. he can play shinsengumi characters.. or hakuoki, perhaps. a lead in a historical action/comedy stuff would be nice.. maybe in the not-so-distant future.