10 September 2013

Yamada returns as Kindaichi in Malaysia

It has been announced that the Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo series will be returning with another special lined up to air in January 2014. The special will be filmed in a foreign country like the last one with this time the location being Malaysia.

Yamada Ryosuke will reprise his role as the lead character from the last special and Arioka Daiki, Kawaguchi Haruna and Wu Chun will also be returning with their respective roles.

Anime News Network article (English)

It is nice to see Yamada return to act in a drama and Arioka getting something is a bonus as well. Though I will hate it if he goes back to the hair he had for the last one. Curls just do not suit him.

I would have hoped that this series would get another chance as a drama series but at least it looks like NTV is at least trying something different with it with filming outside of Japan. And this filming in Malaysia will be the first for NTV, so there might be potential for them to return to the country for future projects if it goes well.

With the filming being in Malaysia I wonder if they will try to do something for the fans in that country or keep it strictly geared for the filming of the drama. In any case this is not an opportunity that fans of that country get regularly so I hope they can enjoy it but keep in mind to act respectively.


aichan said...

I first thought that it would come back as a series so I was a little disappointed. I saw some clips from the news and his hair is not curly this time :)

Karin Kishimei said...

Where can I watch this? I despereate T^T