06 September 2013

Chinen Yuri back in high school, kinda

It has been announced that Chinen Yuri will be part of the cast of Nishikido Ryo's upcoming drama on Fuji TV, Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyona e Yokoso. He will play the role of a first year high school student, Sawazaki Shunta. The drama is set to start airing on October 8th.

Fuji TV official announcement (Japanese only)

I do confess that I am very amused at the idea that Chinen has a role for a character much younger than his actual age. Though I guess it is not much worse than Arioka Daiki constantly getting cast in roles for characters that are many years his junior as well.

I am also glad to see another Hey! Say! JUMP member get a drama role this year, and this sounds like it will be a good sized one with it being in the same announcement as the lead female role of the drama. One of the bigger things working against it though is that Ryo has not proven to bring in ratings as a drama lead and his last drama tanked. So there may not be too many tuning in to watch. But work is work and being in a drama can get people to notice an idol they would not otherwise.

That all said I almost feel like I can start feeling hopeful for HSJ again. Who knows when they will release another single but at least some members are getting the kind of work that can help expand the group's fanbase. And it is not just one member of the group getting that work.

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